Sunday Funday: Allison Green’s “Entwined” at Susan Eley Fine Art

By Bernadette Cruz

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the first Sunday Funday post on .stART here. where I will be featuring fun exhibitions, shows, and cultural events. You can also find a nifty schedule of some sweet events from time to time too. Enjoy!


Susan Eley Fine Art gallery. Photo courtesy of Allison Green

You might remember Allison Green and her work from an Artist You Should Know feature I wrote for Finch & Ada in February 2011 when I visited her Jersey City studio. At the time, Green was working on pieces for her upcoming solo show. In October, I revisited the very works I saw in progress at Green’s studio, which were now on display at the charming, salon-style Upper West Side art gallery Susan Eley Fine Art in New York City. I was lucky enough to privately view the solo exhibition, “Entwined,” joined by the artist herself.


Light Violet Thicket. oil on canvas. 12” x 48”. Photo © Bernadette Cruz

The first thought that came to me upon walking through the doors of Susan Eley Fine Art is how fitting it is for Green’s large scale oil paintings to adorn the exposed brick walls, just as the subject matter is mostly found in the crevices and cracked pavement of the artist’s real-life urban neighborhood. Green says, “the most resilient and unexpectedly beautiful plants that exist in the urban landscape are plants that we normally consider weeds.”


Detailed Sienna Thicket. oil on canvas. 48” x 48”. Photo © Bernadette Cruz

New York-based art critic and independent curator Lilly Wei says Green “extracts her botanicals from their contexts and deftly paints them close-up or in more wide-angled view.” With this technique, Green details the complex and intricate make up of living things, like in Queen Anne’s Lace and Buckhorn Plantains from The Healing Garden series, centered on bright, colorful backgrounds.  Within the webbed layers seen in works like Deep Violet Thicket and Sage Thicket from The Thicket series, Green personifies life experience and reminds the viewer of time and space.


Artist Allison Green with her dog, Lila. Photo courtesy of Allison Green

Allison Green continues to paint at her home studio in Jersey City, NJ and is represented by Susan Eley Fine Art in New York City. With Susan Eley Fine Art, three of Green’s pieces were also on display at Aqua Art during Art Basel in Miami this year. Check out for more information.


Allison Green’s studio. Photo courtesy of Allison Green