A tribute to my dad: Lady Gaga’s “Gypsy”

Today would have been my dad’s 71st birthday, and I feel like I owe it to him and his legacy to always live my life to the fullest just like he did right through until the end. From packing up his politically powerful life in the Philippines, with his wife and two kids, venturing off to the States for something better, having a third child, and despite his life ending way too soon, I’d say he found it. Whether it’s in me, in the love and support that my family has for each other, I honor him today and always. I’m so proud to be his legacy!

Benjamin M. Cruz

10/24/1942 – 10/28/2000

So I just packed my baggage and
Said goodbye to family and friends
And took a road to nowhere on my own
Like Dorothy on a yellow brick
Hope my ruby shoes get me there quick
Cuz I left everyone I love at home

I’m a gypsy, gypsy, gypsy