Thursday Three: Lydia Finn

Today’s inspiration comes from former colleague and now dear friend, Lydia Finn. She relocated to Portland, Maine from NYC during the spring of 2015 and continues to settle into her new life and home with bae, Dave. Along with being Pokémon Go obsessed, Lydia’s finding motivation from a variety of influences. Below are her Thursday Three – a few things she’s digging these days. Gotta check ’em all!

Thanks for kicking it with me, Lyds! Just like ole times. Really miss you boo! xoxo ❤

The Great British Baking Show 

stART here_Great British Baking Show

I have been an avid reality TV show watcher since The Osbournes and The Great British Baking Show is a nice change of pace from the current overproduced, hyper dramatic reality shows. Basically it doesn’t make you feel like you should read a big book with lots of long words after watching it. The contestants are earnest and excited about each challenge in a way that makes you feel just honestly good about the world and the people in it. Its a great celebration of pure creativity and is full of hilarious lines like “The wobble should be like me backside” and “Right bakers, time to reveal your cracks” (all said in a British accent of course).

NPR Science Friday

stART here_Science Friday

I love anything that gets different parts of my brain fired up. Friday’s are generally the worst and drag on forever but I also find that email is pretty quiet, leaving room for getting bigger projects done. NPR’s Science Friday comes on after lunch every Friday with the craziest episode themes, like how orchids use deception to trap bees or how female coders helped make the first moon landing happen. Listening to host Ira Flatow makes me instantly focused and curious and excited about the world, as opposed to my usual cynical and “when is it 5pm” Friday mindset.


stART here_Camping

Wow the summer is Maine is really incredible. Everything is a feast for the eyes, the water, the skies, the beaches, really everything just becomes alive once its warm. It is my second summer as a Maine resident and its been my #1 priority to have one Maine adventure after another. I want to invest myself as much as I can in Maine and in the summer, every day is an opportunity to experience something new and awesome and to feed off of that energy.

Lydia Finn is a PR professional who works for a publishing house in Massachusetts. She loves pop culture and fro-yo, is a ride or die friend, and despite living in NYC for awhile, New England is where her heart is. Her favorite color is stripes.