Patrick O’Dell’s “Skateboard High School” at Known Gallery

Altamont Apparel presented “Skateboard High School: Years of Pictures” by Patrick O’Dell at Known Gallery in Los Angeles over the weekend. Robin Fleming for Juxtapoz magazine was there.


From Robin Fleming:

During his early photo career, shooting skaters in San Francisco and New York City, O’Dell’s shutter kept snapping away between the tricks, in the van rides, and long after the session had ended. Looking at his work today, the candid and carefree images are a collective memory of skateboarding’s recent history.

O’Dell has more than a decade of images, some of which have ended up on his popular blog, which quickly became an online skater look-book when it was launched in 2004. To pull together “Skateboard High School” O’Dell’s sister went through boxes of prints and negatives in their parent’s basement in Ohio and he specified that she should send anything that “looked like skaters” to him in Los Angeles. With those marching orders, his sister even sent pictures of the photographer himself, as a teenager, skating at his local skatepark in Ohio.

Deadbeat Club Press has full color zines of the show available for $10.