Hump Day Hot Seat: Tara Metzler

Fresh Friday Finds alum Tara Metzler is in today’s Hump Day Hot Seat on .stART here. Get to know this animal rights advocate and artist whose work you can find on as she answers some questions provided by Finch & Ada. Thanks for chilling in the Hot Seat, Tara!


Photo courtesy of Tara Metzler © Megan Khichi Photography

1. Who Are You?

I am a tiny, fun and feisty individual who goes by the name of Tara

2. What do you do?

I do lots of things but my job by day is Graphic Designer and on nights and weekends I like to draw and paint for my side project, Pigdog, amongst many other things.

3. When/Where/How did you get your start?

I have always been a creative person or into creative things. Outside of school and work I would always draw little characters that people seemed to love but I had never done anything with them. After rescuing my Pit Bull, Novia, and having multiple bad jobs I decided to go for it and started Pigdog (named after said Pit Bull). It’s basically a portfolio of my artwork with the option to purchase. A percentage of all sales go to a local animal organization. I never wanted to have your typical 9 to 5 job forever and although I still have one, I am now pursuing something that I have always loved to do with a cause that I am passionate about…helping homeless animals and animal rights. I really need to thank my family, friends, and boyfriend for supporting me and pushing me to do what I love.

4. How long have you been at it?

Pigdog has been a thought in my head for quite some time but did not officially start until 2007 when I did my first Hoboken Art & Music Fest. There have been a lot of bumps in the road and lessons learned since then but I am happy to say that I stuck to it.

5. What is the most important thing we should know about you?

I am a lover of all animals and will kick your ass if you hurt them.

6. Is there anyone else in your field that you particularly admire?

I admire anyone that has the drive and passion to do what they love rather than settling.

7. What other types of art are you in to?

I love art done by children. Illustrator Dave DeVries did a book called The Monster Engine. He took children’s illustrations and painted them. It’s absolutely fantastic! I am also a big fan of photography, Edward Gorey, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I like gritty, dark and cute. I am not drawn to perfection.

8. You got any crazy hobbies or unique talents?

I have lots of hobbies but, no, none that I would call crazy.

9. What’s your favorite vice?

Macaroni and cheese. If you know of any great recipes or restaurants that have it on the menu email me. 🙂

10. How do you make it over the creative hump?

Wine…just kidding…sort of. I can’t say I have ever been on a creative hump when it comes to my personal stuff. My brain is always in fast forward and coming up with whacky ideas. I write those ideas down and come back to them when I have the time and am ready to move onto the next project. The problem is there is never enough time to get to all of those ideas. Maybe my creative hump is my full time job?

11. You eat food? What kind? Like to cook?

Of course I eat food!!! Indian food, by far, is my favorite. My mouth waters any time I go into an Indian restaurant. I absolutely love to cook but hate to clean up the mess afterwards. It’s an ongoing battle.

12. If someone was to write a craigslist missed connection about you, what would it say?

Blonde haired girl with large sunglasses driving a very dirty Nissan Versa, I saw you sitting in traffic on the GSP completely oblivious to my honking.

13. What is your most prized possession?

I would say my dog, Stella, but it doesn’t sound right calling her a possession. I have many little sentimental things that I have held onto over the years but I would have to say a teddy bear my great Uncle gave me for my seventh birthday is my most prized possession.

Don’t miss Tara and her pit bull, Stella, at the Annual Hoboken Arts & Music Fest on May 5th where she’ll be selling her original artwork, prints, NEW! Pigdog branded notepads and more.

Fresh Friday Finds: Tara Metzler

NJ based artist and animal rights advocate Tara Metzler studied graphic design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She has showcased her adorable and vibrant pieces in solo exhibits, group shows, and other art events throughout New Jersey. Metzler combines a gentle whimsy with a little bit of toughness in her work. With acrylic on canvas paintings, colorful illustrations, and water decals on vintage plates, she creates a witty dialogue with viewers.


Charlie, acrylic on canvas, 16″ X 40″. image courtesy of Tara Metzler


Sid, acrylic on canvas, 18″ X 18″. image courtesy of Tara Metzler


Muscle Man, illustration. image courtesy of Tara Metzler


Hummingbird, illustration. image courtesy of Tara Metzler


Double Narwhal, water decal on vintage ceramic plate, 15 3/4″ x 11 1/2″. image courtesy of Tara Metzler

Promoting animal rights awareness is another passion for Metzler, and she often donates a percentage of her proceeds to local animal shelters and organizations, like Pinups for Pitbulls. This Saturday, April 20, Pit Bull PSA style posters by Metzler will be available for purchase at the Smithville Arts Walk in Smithville, NJ, where she and her pit bull mix, Stella, will make an appearance.


Racism, 14″ X 20″ Pit bull PSA poster. image courtesy of Tara Metzler

Always available for commission and licensing work, Metzler will also showcase her work at the Annual Hoboken Arts & Music Festival in NJ on Sunday, May 5. Brand new Pig Dog branded notepads with her original characters will be available for purchase among other works. For more info and to see more of Metzler’s work, visit her website and Pig Dog Online Etsy shop.