Hump Day Hot Seat: Lisa Coppola

In today’s Hump Day Hot Seat on .stART here. is jewelry maker and designer Lisa Coppola, owner and operator of BevaStyles. Visit the shop and enter Promo Code “HotSeat10” for 10% off your purchase. Thanks for stopping by today, Lisa!


Photo courtesy of Lisa Coppola

1. Who Are You?

Lisa Coppola

2. What do you do?

I design and create jewelry for BevaStyles on

3. When/Where/How did you get your start? 

Creating jewelry has always been my hobby and something I did in my spare time.  Four years ago, I switched from being a Chemist to a full time stay at home mom.  I continued to sell jewelry to my friends and family, and they encouraged me to open a shop on Etsy.  I’m so glad I did because I have had a ball managing my shop and being my own boss!

4. How long have you been at it? 

My shop has been open for 3 years, but I have been making jewelry since grade school. I definitely get my crafty gene from my mother who is a talented seamstress.

5. What is the most important thing we should know about you? 

If you try and stand between me and my wine, I will cut you!  Seriously, I am very passionate about designing jewelry, but once it feels like forced work, the creative juices really dry up!

6. Is there anyone else in your field that you particularly admire? 

There are too many to mention, but I am really inspired by midcentury jewelry designers like Monet, Trifari, Coro and Napier.  I also adore Miriam Haskell.

7. What other types of art are you in to? 

Any type of paper craft, especially origami, and I would love to learn a lot more about photography!

8. You got any crazy hobbies or unique talents? 

Well my collection of vintage jewelry is quite impressive.  I LOVE to go junking at garage and estate sales.  It really does give me a thrill to find that special, aged, worn and loved piece of rusty gold!

9. What’s your favorite vice? 

WINE WINE WINE, I love fruity reds and dry whites!

10. How do you make it over the creative hump? 

I like to get inspiration from interior design magazines.  I love the colors and textures that designers use to create cozy and inviting rooms.  Anyone that can combine prints harmoniously knows what they’re doing and should be studied carefully! One thing I keep in mind while creating jewelry is that it must be comfortable to wear, not too fussy, prickly or heavy.  I love to add pops of vivid color against a backdrop of darkened oxidized metals, but I tend to keep my color palettes simple and monochromatic with the occasional use of color blocking and ombre effects.

11. You eat food? What kind? Like to cook?

I am totally on the French diet.  My favorite foods are: wine, chocolate, cheese, pasta and bread.  It worked for me in my early 30’s but now at 39, not so much. I love to cook and recently discovered kale.  It is my new favorite super food, and I love finding ways to slip it into my old recipes.

12. Tell me about the last time a project blew up in your face? 

Please, everyday!  It’s all about trial and error when trying to find what works, what’s pleasing to the eye, what fits right and doesn’t flop around while wearing it.  I have found that putting it down and walking away is a much better approach than torturing it and getting mad as hell, which is my innate Italian inclination!

13. What is your most prized possession?

I have two, well actually three. The two most beautiful things I’ve ever made are my sons, Logan and Gabriel.  They are like perfect little sculpted cherubs and it is difficult not to smother them with kisses and hugs every day.  The third is the relationship I’ve built with my husband Jay.  He is my anchor, my bestie and the biggest supporter of my jewelry business!  I am ever so grateful for my boys!