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Fresh Friday Finds: Andi Green

Welcome to the first Fresh Friday Finds post on .stART here. where I’ll be featuring some fresh artists on the rise. Happy weekend!

I am continuing with a Green theme and stoked to introduce Andi Green. Her sister, Allison Green, was in this week’s Hump Day Hot Seat.


Nola, 24″x36″ light box. Photo courtesy of Andi Green.

In 2001, Andi Green worked in advertising and had an art show in New York City called The Monsters in My Head.  She created 24″x36″ light boxes featuring characters that embodied emotions. All five pieces displayed a character, or what she called monsters, along with a Xerox-transferred story (see image above). After such an enormous response to The Monsters, Green decided to expand her idea. Six years later, she began the development of The WorryWoo Monsters series consisting of children’s storybooks and plush dolls under her newly formed Monsters in My Head independent company.


Nola, watercolor. Image courtesy of Andi Green.

Another six years later, with six books and seven plus dolls, The WorryWoo Monsters is now an award-winning series created, written, illustrated, and produced by Andi Green, a tried and true tour de force. Her dedication to technique and tradition does not go unnoticed as she hand draws and watercolors the layouts for the storybooks herself – a waning technique lost in the digital age. Green’s characters celebrate emotions both big and small, and help create a dialogue about our inner selves. Whether it is the feeling of loneliness (Nola), insecurity (Rue), confusion (Fuddle), innocence (Squeek), worry (Wince), or frustration (Twitch), both children and adults alike can relate to these stories and learn to embrace their emotions. Check out for more information and to meet Andi and her WorryWoo Monsters – Nola, Rue, Fuddle, Squeek, Wince, and Twitch.


Rue, sketches. Image courtesy of Andi Green.


WorryBug and Wince, sketches. Image courtesy of Andi Green.



Wince, watercolor. Image courtesy of Andi Green.