Hump Day Hot Seat: Jason Vasquez

Jason Vasquez

Photo ©Jason Vasquez

1. Who Are You?

I am Jason Vasquez, just a joker who likes to have fun and play with his camera.

2. What do you do?

By day, I am an ultrasound tech in the medical field and by night I play freelance/fine art photographer extraordinaire. I primarily enjoy landscape and fine art portrait photography but with picking up Photoshop techniques, I have learned that all forms of photography help me achieve the final image I am seeking.

3. When/Where/How did you get your start?

I started taking photographs at a very young age when my dad gave me his camera to use at six years old. From there, I just kept snapping photos and collecting cameras along the way. Probably 90% of my technique has been self-taught through lots of trial and error. I do emphasis on the error. It is only in the past 10 years that I have taken it to an even more serious level with digital photography and slowly shying away from film. Along the way, I was asked to join a group of resident photographers at Gallery 13 in Asbury Park, NJ. From there, I have recently obtained some studio space to get a little deeper into my projects and to provide clients with a studio environment as well.

4. How long have you been at it?

Taking photos since my dad put the camera in my hands at around six years old. I want to say I have been pretty much at it seriously for the past 4 years with the last 2 years being resident of Gallery 13.

5. What is the most important thing we should know about you?

I really enjoy classical music and a good dance partner. I also really like the comic book character the “Joker”.

6. Is there anyone else in your field that you particularly admire?

I follow Benjamin Von Wong. He is so ahead of his time and experimental.

7. What other types of art are you in to?

All of the mediums. I appreciate a well done painting down to a well written song and everything in between.

8. You got any crazy hobbies or unique talents?

Lately I started building Gundam models again – 1/60th scale (I’m such a nerd), but I got that from my mom who taught me ceramics and how to make porcelain dolls from scratch. Other than that, I like to keep fit and strong at the gym, Building my own camera equipment, and I also like collecting sunglasses even though I only wear one pair.

9. What’s your favorite vice?

Going to get a really good burger with a cold tequila and ginger. Repeat second part. Ha!

10. How do you make it over the creative hump?

I turn on some classical music. Lately it has been a toss up between Brahms and Mozart. Then there is always a good heavy lift session at the gym.

11. You eat food? What kind? Like to cook?

I LOVE FOOD!! Especially Seafood. I like to cook.

12. If someone was to write a craigslist missed connection about you, what would it say?

Lunatic on the loose goes by the name “Mista J” wears red sunglasses. Probably laughing. Seen him?

13. Tell me about the last time a project blew up in your face?

That happened recently. Poured some Everclear on a glove and lit it on fire. Well, I poured a little too much the first time around. I lit my hand on fire, wearing a fire retardant glove, and I accidentally burned the hair on my arm. I got the shot though.

14. Truth or Dare? Elaborate.

Truthfully I really enjoyed this interview… Daringly, I wrote back.

15. What is your most prized possession?

50mm Nikkor f1.4 nonAF. That is pretty much my favorite go to, all around lens even though I use Canon bodies. Oh and my red sunglasses – cannot forget about those!