Fresh Friday Finds: Firefly Music Festival


George Winston Fan Club

Thirteen friends and I headed to Dover, DE last weekend to camp out for the Annual Firefly Music Festival at The Woodlands. I danced my ass off all weekend despite having twisted my ankle on the way to see the first band on the first night. What was I going to do – sit down and rest it?! I’ll sleep when I’m dead, thank you!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, and Foster the People were headlining bands, but I have to say that my most favorite was the bitchin’ superstar Azealia Banks, who we saw right after an amazing Calvin Harris set. Another highlight was the crazy downpour of much needed rain during the Matt & Kim set. Karen O rocked her new blonde hairdo and killer red, leather outfit during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs awesome daytime performance too.

Check out the highlight videos created by Firefly below of all the awesome bands we saw and def head out the festival next year if you can! We had a blast!

Author: burnadebt19

Likes coffee, whiskey, & beer. Loves taking pictures, writing about art | culture | design, being a big kid with her friends, and staying up all night. She is nothing without her family!

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