Monday Funday: James Austin Murray’s “Ides of March” at St. Peter’s Church


Photo © Bernadette Cruz

A couple weeks ago, my coworker David invited a few of us to the opening reception for “Ides of March” by New York City based artist James Austin Murray at the Narthex Gallery of St. Peter’s Church on Lexington and 54th Street. I took some photographs of Murray’s large scale oil on canvas works, which I later found out were specifically created for the space. His technique and application really reminded me of vinyl records.


Tamesis I and II, oil on canvas, 82″ x 128″ x 4″. Photo © Bernadette Cruz


Bomb Proof Anchor, oil on canvas, 52″ x 110″ x 4″. Detail photo © Bernadette Cruz


Bomb Proof Anchor, oil on canvas, 52″ x 110″ x 4″. Detail photo © Bernadette Cruz

For more about James Austin Murray’s work, visit “Ides of March” is on display at the Narthex Gallery of St. Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Ave. NYC, through April 25.

From James Austin Murray:

The color black, the subject of my painting, is all absorbing. It’s the hungriest of colors sucking all the visible spectrum into itself. The benefit of black is not only that it’s so deep, but the fact that paint is a pigment suspended in a binder. In oil pure black paint, absorbs the light spectrum and is also reflective. To me these paintings are not about the dark, as some have wondered aloud. They are about the light they reflect. I find them full of light and strangely bright for being black paintings. It is their blackness that make the reflections so much more effective. They reflect the colors around them, because of this each one feels like a new painting when placed in a different setting. All paintings reflect light, most reflect the spectrum of the colors in the paints. My current work is about painting and the paint. Are they also sculptures? No. They are paintings. If they were sculptures they would be sculptures about painting.

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